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Rolls and Miscellaneous
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Prices Effective: Tuesday April 03 2018
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We plan to use this page for rolls and other stuff we have for sale.
Postage and Handling on rolls is $2.00 for the first roll and
 $1.00 for each additional roll above our regular P+H charge.
(they are heavy to ship)
Note: regular p+h is $5.00 on coin orders under $400 and
postpaid on orders over $400.
Type of coins   GRADE $/ROLL
Indian cents(mostly 1900-1909) good/better $55.00
Indian cents(pre 1900) good/better $75.00
Lincoln cents (pre 1930) unsearched $10.00
Lincoln cents (all 'S' mint) wheats unsearched $5.00
Lincoln cents mixed wheat unsearched $3.00
Wartime nickels (1942-45) unsearched $75.00
Buffalo nickels (full date) good/better $25.00
Buffalo nickels (part date) $12.00
Buffalo nickels (no date) $8.00
Liberty nickels (full rim rev) good/better $40.00
Liberty nickels ( AG rev) G/AG $24.00
Roosevelt dime sets(1946-64) circ. ask
Franklin 50c 1961-P Bu roll(20 coins) ask
Kennedy 50c 1964-P Bu roll(20 coins) ask
Franklin 50c sets(1948-63) circ. ask
1909-P G-VG $100.00 ALL PRICES
1910-P G/VG $13.00 ARE AT
1911-P G/VG $13.00 WHOLESALE
1912-P G/VG $45.00 LEVEL!!!!
1913-P G/VG $25.00
1914-P G/VG $14.00
1915-P G/VG $50.00
1915-D G/VG $50.00
1916-D G/VG $35.00
1918-P G/VG $10.00
1921-P G/VG $13.00
1921-S G/VG $45.00
1925-D G/VG $20.00
1925-S G/VG $16.00
1926-D G/VG $27.00
1927-D G/VG $27.00
1928-D G/VG $22.00
1928-S G/VG $22.00
1931-P G/VG $25.00
1932-P G/VG $52.00
Rolls and Miscellaneous last updated on Tuesday April 03 2018

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