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Spotlight Coin of the Week and Coin Bins
Spotlight Coin
of the Week and Coin Bins
Due to the 'virius' OUr shop was closed Part of March and most of April we are now back 'regular hours. We did an decent level of mail/internet business during the shutdown. We used the time to update data on our website and sent out a new 'hard copy' mailer to mail order customers. The main problem now is the 'lack' of coin shows (probably until late June) for us to replenish inventories. CALL OR WRITE US AS WE ARE OPEN!!!

NOTE TO PENNSYLVANIA CUSTOMERS.... Pa. has changed our sales tax law and as of Sept. 4, 2006 coins, and bullion items are no longer subject to Pa. 6% sales tax. Coin supplies, jewelry, and currency are still taxable.

Just in case you are not aware of it, on several of our listings (such as 'slabs' or investment coins) you can 'click' on a listing and a two sided scan of the item will appear! try it...

Just a note, we have slabs from all major companies in stock. We send our coins to either NGC or ANACS to have them graded.

Al at Nickel Trader

News last updated on Monday June 29 2020

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